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  1. WP1: SinglePhotonSource presentation (ULB/QuIC)
  2. WP1: SinglePhotonSource Poster (ULB/QuIC)
  3. WP1: QuantumPassword poster (ULB/QuIC)
  4. WP1: Optimal Measurment poster (ULB/QuIC)
  5. WP1: Optimal Measurement presentation (ULB/QuIC)
  6. WP1: Crypto demonstrator specifications (ULB/QuIC)
  7. WP1: Crypto demonstrator specifications (ULB/QuIC)
  8. WP1: Crypto demonstrator specifications (ULB/QuIC)
  9. WP1: QualSec ULB-Implementation-IDSDVGS(ULB/QuIC)
  10. WP2.1.1: A Meta-Level Interface for Implementing and Composing Elemental Security Policies (VUB/SOFT)
  11. WP2.1.2: A library for the element security policy meta-implementations and a fluent interface for deploying them(VUB/SOFT)
  12. WP2.2.1: A Whole-Program Abstract Interpreter for JavaScript (VUB/SOFT)
  13. WP2.2.2: An Ahead-of-Time Verifier of Elemental Security Policies Based on Model Checking (UCL/LVL)
  14. WP2.2.3: Whole-cloud abstract interpreter parameterized with interaction model(VUB/SOFT)
  15. WP2.2.4: Whole-program Model-checker for Elemental Security Policies(UCL/LVL)
  16. WP2.3.1: Meta-Model for Sharing Vulnerabilities and Interaction Models (VUB/COMO)
  17. WP2.3.2: Technique for obtaining an interaction model from run-time observations(VUB/COMO)
  18. WP2: Technology for Secure Programming (VUB/SOFT)
  19. WP2: A Demo of Sinks and Sources Classification in Node.js (VUB/COMO)
  20. WP3: Overview of Applicable Legal Framework and General Legal Requirements (VUB/LSTS)
  21. WP4: Security Pattern for Cloud SaaS: From system and data security to privacy (Sirris)
  22. WP4: A Review of Two Decades of Security Patterns: Software Security Pattern classifications (Sirris)
  23. WP4: A Review of Two Decades of Security Patterns: Software Security Pattern classifications (Sirris)
  24. WP4: Cloud security catalogue (Sirris)
  25. WP4: Cloud SaaS Reference Architecture: Prototpye in Amazon Web Service (Sirris)
  26. WP4.2: Code for scanning security policies (EHB)
  27. WP4.2: Code for applying runtime security policies (EHB)
  28. WP4.3: Data-as-a-service (ULB/CoDE)
  29. WP4.3: A Data Model And Algorithm For A Spatial Data Marketplace(ULB/CoDE)
  30. WP4.3: A Model for A Spatial Data Marketplace(ULB/CoDE)
  31. WP6.2: Evaluation and positioning tool(EHB)