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The department Design & Technology of the Erasmus University College Brussels offers 2 professional bachelor programs: a bachelor program in applied computer science and a bachelor program in multimedia & communication technology. Within the department, the research group “Design & Technology” is currently involved in the TETRA-project “P‐wearables, the intelligent integration of programmable wearables in home and work environment”, together with University College PXL (Hasselt). The department also hosts a knowledge centre called “Design & Technology for Mobile & Wearable” that specialises in mobile technology in a broad sense, including the new wearable technologies. The expertise focuses on the integration of mobile and wearable technologies in business processes. Whereas Applied Informatics (Dig‐X) focuses more on the architectural aspects and technical design of mobile applications, the emphasis in Multimedia & Communication Technology (Multec) lies on User Experience, design and multimedia and interface‐related aspects. Both programmes centre around usability and user experience design The research is highly practical,   namely, the Approachable Expertise and Service Centre for Mobile Applications provides companies with direct advice. Within the offered bachelor programmes, a vast amount of the curriculum is spent on security-related topics. For example, within the Networks & Security program, security from an infrastructural point of view (network security) is embedded into the program. Within the Software Engineering program, special attention is given to secure software development. From a security point of view within cloud and SaaS applications, Erasmus has experience in the front–‐end development of websites and web services for mobile applications. As partner within the research project, Erasmus is beneficial because of the tight relations with the professional field (companies, from SMEs to multinationals) and the expertise of implementing proof‐ of‐concepts and real-life implementations of various technologies. Erasmus hosts expertise within the area of both technology (design, development, architecture, security within both software and infrastructure) and design (user interface design, usability, user experience design, visual design).

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