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The Artificial Intelligence lab was founded in 1982 and has a long-standing tradition in complex systems. The Computational Modeling group (COMO) of the AIlab headed by Prof. Dr. Ann Nowé and Prof. Dr. Bernard Manderick, that coordinates this project, focuses on Machine Learning and Learning in Multi-agent Systems. The group has experience in a wide range of learning techniques such as: Reinforcement Learning, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, Graphical models including Bayesian Networks, Genetic algorithms, Recommender Systems etc.  COMO was also the coordinator of the Machine Learning and Data Mining research network, funded by the National Science Foundation(FWO).

Besides projects oriented towards fundamental research, typically supported by FWO, the research group also participates in projects in collaboration with industry including EU and SBO projects funded by the Institute for the Promotion of Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders (IWT). The focus of the contribution is to develop and evaluate algorithms and protocols for data mining, modeling and distributed control.  Application domains include: telecommunication, smart grids, mechatronics, planning and scheduling. The COMO group was also involved in the set up of a spin-off “Enlighten Bioscience” supported by the Spin-off in Brussels program funded through the INNOVIRIS as a result of a Bioinformatics project in collaboration with the IRIDIAlab of the ULB.

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Institute: Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Research Unit: AI-lab

Researchers: Prof. Dr. Bernard Manderick (coordinator)

Project: C-Cure