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The research in the department of Business Technology and Operations (BUTO) at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences and Solvay Business School of the VUB is focused on applying mathematical models and innovation strategies in several areas: logistics, manpower planning, business informatics, technology, location analysis and geo-marketing.

The Business Analytics team within the BUTO department, headed by prof. dr. Wouter Verbeke, focuses on the development of analytics for business applications, addressing specific business requirements with respect to the use of analytics or data mining. The team has a broad research expertise in the field of merging business and technology, and particularly in adopting a business perspective for decision making. The C-Cure project fits entirely within an overarching research program that has been set up in the domain of data mining (predictive analytics, big data, etc.) for business applications. This research program focuses on the development of predictive modeling approaches that satisfy specific business requirements, such as the incorporation of costs and benefits of operational management decisions based on predictive models when inducing and evaluating such models. The general objective of these developments is to optimize the resulting business decisions, which is as well a main objective of the proposed project with regards to authentication decisions.

Institute: Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Research Unit: BUTO

Project: C-Cure