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The interdisciplinary Research Group on Law Science Technology & Society at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (LSTS) is devoted to analytical, theoretical and prospective research into the relationships between law, science, technology and society. Even if LSTS’s core expertise is legal, it also has a strong experience and track record in legal theory, philosophy of sciences and bioethics, and engages in criminological and STS research too.
LSTS has a well‐established reputation in research concerning privacy and data protection, profiling technologies, ambient intelligence and cloud computing. Next to this LSTS research deals with the regulation of technology; with issues at the crossroads of intellectual property law and science and technology and others.

Paul De Hert is an international human rights expert. The bulk of his work is devoted, but not limited, to criminal law and technology & privacy law. At VUB, Paul De Hert holds the chair of ‘Criminal Law’, ‘International and European Criminal Law’ and ‘Historical introduction to eight major constitutional systems’. He is Director of the VUB Research group on Fundamental Rights and Constitutionalism (FRC), Director of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Law (Metajuridica) and core member of LSTS. He is an Associate Professor at Institute of Law and Technology at the Tilburg University (TILT).

Hans Lammerant holds a MA in law and in philosophy. Previously, he has worked for NGOs in the field of peace and human rights and is currently conducting research on surveillance and the impact of data mining.

Irene Kamara is a researcher and a qualified attorney experienced in protection of personal data, liability, intellectual property rights and standardisation. She holds a Bachelor in Laws, a Master Degree in International and European Studies and a Master in Law and Technology. Her previous work experience includes the European Standardisation organisations and the European Data Protection Supervisor on the broader topics of contractual liability, protection of personal data in cloud computing and mobile devices.

Institute: Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Research Unit: LSTS

Project: SeCloud